Funny guys get laid more – but so can you.

Giving a chick the gift of laughter is pretty much like putting a vibrator to her cognitive clitoris. Ring heaven’s doorbell and you’re halfway to ringing her devil’s doorbell too. Being permitted entry into the feminine fortress is never far off. Unless, of course, you kill it by doing something like laughing at your own jokes. Or maybe having a micro-peen. But, generally speaking, if you’re good at educing mind-gasms,.. Read More

Why birth control makes you crazy

This just in from science: Taking birth control can make you crazy. Because it’s got extra of what makes you a woman in it. No, seriously. I’m on board with this. And hear me out. Think about it: as beaver bearing humanoids, we’re already destined for the genetic predisposition toward mental illness to begin with. That’s just our birthright. Our karmic reward for eating the serpent’s Granny Smith. I’m not.. Read More