Did Mila Kunis loot a coop? Does it matter?

In today’s not-news, Mila Kunis is getting sued for stealing a chicken. Ya know, maybe if she’d hidden her identity behind a fantastic faux hair piece like SIA does when she steals stuff, then she could’ve gotten away with it better. And she could’ve gone un-sued. And she’d now be living a life with her new avian acquaintance like the imaginary characters from Friends did with their duck in that.. Read More

Men: why is your morning meat caffeinated before you are?

Ah, morning wood. (Really, I’d expect nothing less from someone who walks around pantless all the time) Any straight femme who’s ever done the long term relache thing is well aware of this phallic phenomena (in fact, I’m just now wondering if that’s why they’ve graciously endowed it with the “cock” moniker – ‘cause like a throbbing, veiny, rooster – it’s up and crowing before you are?) Yes. That’s the.. Read More