McDelivery: ’cause fat’s not enough. They want you lazy, too.

Ho. Lee. Shiz. I was kidding (kinda) when I said I wouldn’t be surprised if McDonald’s started to try their hand at delivering. But, indeed, it looks like the fast food carnival czar will be imminently making it even easier to infest your intestines with their grease-fests. Just like I prognosticated in a previous blog (when they finally relented and started offering all-day breakfast, which they’ve never been willing to.. Read More

This saintly site browser-blocks Kardashians forever.

Somewhere along the way, those blasted Kardashians became our unwanted royal family. And much like the actual British royal family (or what they’re wearing; or their kids; or if they’re even human – which remains a point of suspicion for me), I don’t care to be updated on them. In fact, it’s more than that. I mean, it used to be a snarky indifference. But as they’ve snowballed into this.. Read More

Soon you can pop Molly with your shrink!

This just in…. MDMA may become legal. But keep on your clothes and stop gnawing the air, there, Miley. It’s just going to be for psychiatric purposes. Per HuffPost: “The Drug Enforcement Administration last week gave a green light to a clinical study that will test the safety and efficacy of MDMA for use in treating anxiety in people with life-threatening illnesses.” And that’s good enough for me when the.. Read More