The demon whisperer

I read this quote in an artsy journal a couple years ago: The book was this Barnes & Nobles find – filled with similar quotestagraphics from famey folk (ranging from Radiohead’s lead singer to phrases like Rilke’s) and meant for the purchaser to pen in all their various mental ruminations and bad habits. A vice diary, if you will. Naturally, I gave it away as a gift (instead of putting.. Read More

Why the fluff should I forgive YOU?

I love a good quote. ‘specially one dubbed “PHUCKYOQUOTE”: (Eff your quote? Or Eff YOU? Misspelled?) Either way, I found this little line of thought to be particularly interesting today. Espesh with respect to that one line on “forgiveness”. Mostly ‘cause I myself have been trying to strike a balance lately between not being an asshole while also authentically expressing my genuine feelings and respecting my own needs. And how’m.. Read More

Pity the fool.

You know, I’ve long liked this quote that I initially heard in Amelie: But recently, for some reason, I realized it’s only half true – like it’s missing something. You’re a fool for looking at the finger which points at the sky – if the sky is on fire, raining knives, or blanketed with an Independence Day sized saucer of creatures who mean to eat us up and shit us.. Read More

Follow your bliss… off a cliff.

Some people (doctors, they call themselves) might call me bipolar. I prefer to think of it like a sport – “x-treme emoting”. In a way, though, the chaotic confusion that comes with traversing one end of the feel spectrum to the next, brings with it a wealth of ways in which we can be motivated. I like happy, serene, blissful, peaceful things in one moment. Then, in the next, I’m.. Read More

Carpe Diem versus Carping Daily

Once upon a time (last month) I was doing what I always do when I “don’t wanna” start my workout: looking on Instagram at the fit-spirational quotes and idioms that are supplemented with pretty pictures. This practice generally helps me get over my bratty-kid-brain part, reminds me that “want” is not an option, and auto ass kick myself into gear. However, that day, it sparked more in me than the.. Read More

Like an Al Pacino movie without any yelling

Quick! Name one Pacino flick where he doesn’t shout at all (and no opening another browser tab, window, or your phone to cheat either). Such is actually the premise for one of my go to statements regarding ridiculous plans or concepts that make no sense to me. For instance, someone recently mentioned a future gathering (I think it was to be a work party at which there would be no.. Read More