Nude yoga: my body is ready

Ready your bodies, we’re doing naked yoga today. No, no. I mean – a friend recently posted something about a chick doing it. And that was after another friend posted a video a while ago about its benefits, too. (Unintentional troll alert: Before any hetero readers who aren’t chicks get too excited – they were both dudes.) But I sense some of your “right top x button” trigger fingers getting.. Read More

4chandy Warholism: screencaps are now art.

When I heard a computer screenshot sold for $90,900, I thought it was a hoax. Or maybe some super scandalous evidence of a post that’d been deleted by a celebrity or high ranking public official who had more money than grey matter, forgot the internet’s written in ink, and believed they could buy back digitally indelible commentary in order to erase it from reality. Nope. True to form, however, my.. Read More