Text on film

“That’s so stupid – they’d be TEXTING in real life. Not talking.” It’s funny. I find myself saying this every time I can bring myself to give a new movie a try. But, then, when I recently saw “Disconnect” and then one half of “The Fault In Our Stars” (which I couldn’t finish because it was taking too long to move the subplot about the blind-kid along so I got.. Read More

Smart spiders can take my S.A.T. (Smoosh All’a Them)

I had the most terrifying “my god, you’re right!” truth bomb dropped onto me recently. It was this lil nugget o’ knowledge: (I kept this image small. For obvious reasons.) This inoperable tumor on the fear lobe of my brain that normally tells me, “Just squash it! Hit it with a book!” has been the bane of every non-sleep since my reading of it. What do I do? Murder this.. Read More

Does Starbucks control the seasons?

Back in spring, I gave my plea to Starbucks to bring back seasonal drinks. I meant then. And that was only because it was still freezing ass cold outside. I was at a point where I was downing ventis less out of a need to stay awake and more to stay warm and entertain my taste buds since playing outside was a non-option. Even so, they defied my agonal cries.. Read More

Incendiary dreams come true

When I was little, I remember hearing about prime time tales of microwave murder. Small animals and babies were the quick-shock stories, while the slow-death of “standing too close” to the buzzing magic machine were more cautionary for those of us with the “watched pot never boils” syndrome. Even so, we were willing to wait and gain tumors, so long as that “never” held the sweet promise of a majestically.. Read More

Root for the villain: The Joker (and Ledger)

For our next RFTV, let’s give Heath Ledger’s “Joker” a round of applause. This character was one to root for two fold because the story had legs to it. And those legs were rooted in a sad reality, even though we see the final product of a fantastical classic narrative – which also has layers: a comic hero (Bale’s Batman, “The Dark Knight”) and his nemesis played to perfection by.. Read More