Real life nightmares: egg baby spiders all over me

Author’s note: It took me a while to share this horror show ’cause I didn’t wanna believe it had actually happened. #neverforget Stretching after a nice nature-y run last week, I stopped and felt something. On my leg. Something crawling…. No, wait. Keep your popcorn up. It gets worse. I look down and see this pinpoint sized barely-visible reddish-brown dot skating across my sweaty dermis like Nancy effing Kerrigan. But.. Read More

Before hell, where should killers go?

I clicked on the wrong story today. I really hate it when that happens. Because while the headline read “gamer sends SWAT team to opponent’s house”, the actual tale was this: Ya know, apart from “Wow. How horrifying”, there’s not much to be said when someone kills a two-year old, is there? I suppose we can start looking from a solution angle and question whether it’s best to pass the.. Read More