Why are you so fat? Stop being so fat.

What do you think when you see a flock of well fed fellow Americans waddle into the mall? After having parked in a handicapped spot? Let’s be honest. The first thing our brain’s gonna say is, “Wow.” Then, the second thought would be, “I wonder how big the mess would be if that got hit by a semi?”. But the third thought might just maybe be, “I wonder if that.. Read More

Internet catcall comments IRL: has this been done yet?

On the heels of that “woman walking and getting catcalled” video, I’ve got another idea. One that’s like at least ten percent less serious: internet catcalls on the street. I mean, we’ve all thought about how much worse “harassment” is online than the kind we do IRL, right? It’s the reason people issue restraining orders and bullied kids end up tying nooses from the hanging plant hooks on the ceiling.. Read More