Musings on future-trippings

Some days, hippie guru advice is just annoying. I can’t be bothered with it. But on others – when Chandler’s couch is a metaphor for getting crushed by consciousness – I’m magically more open. Such was what I encountered today when I clicked on this Youtube video some yoga chick had made about “releasing fear”. Her point (painted in what some might call fairly esoteric language) was that when we’re.. Read More

Vacations: frills and chills? Or cheap and tropical?

Last year, on a day not terribly different from today, I was dreaming of spring. And as I did, I ended up writing an armchair-interactive-travel blog. In it, you all boarded my plane and we jet-set off to the Ice Hotels of Switzerland and Kinkade-esque Christmas towns, before staying at some strange underground aquarium ceilinged bedchamber at the bottom of a luxury resort in god-knows-where. Remember that? That was fun… Read More

Root for the villain! (Gaston impersonator.)

You thought I forgot about you, my fellow badboy fanatics. Didn’t you? Well, I didn’t. Because today, we’re celebrating: Gaston. I guess I’ve been a bit off ever since birth (or at least soon after) because I remember watching Beauty and the Beast when it first came out – and when I saw Gaston, I ignored how into himself he was and thought Belle was a dumbass and a half.. Read More

Acclimate to climate, not primates.

There was a freak rise in temperature yesterday. And man did I need it. Short sleeves, windows down, music up… ephemeral heaven. I felt unstoppable as I badassed my way through the day. It was funny, though, I’d been dismantling my Christmas tree, when I went outside to get some fresh air and realized that it was so warm it was on the verge of humid. It was a startling.. Read More

Dat vengeance, doe.

Sometimes, on my sunrise runs, I’ll hear too-close for comfort gunshots. You’re not allowed to hunt in these woods, but people do – when they think they’ll be unseen. I’m not that well read on hunting, but I assume it’s a morning sport – judging from when I hear the proximate firing. It doesn’t bother me, much. Generally, I’ll don a bright red or pink something to make sure I.. Read More