Dinner and: WRATH (Showtime’s 7 deadly sins)

Ha! You didn’t think this “Dinner and…” series would last past its pilot, did you? Did you? DID YOU?!?! ANSWER ME!!!! And voila. That’s my intro for today’s episode from last night’s dining entertainment: a Showtime series dubbed “7 Deadly Sins”. My favorite, as you can mayhaps tell, is: wrath. While the series covers all’a them, the whole season’s already ended and now the entire collection resides in my OnDemand.. Read More

This mashup mocking country…. made me like country.

I always hated county music. Until I got to college. That was when I had my first experience with a southern guy (no, not like that) who wasn’t a traditional cowboy (actually Italian) – but loved country. I liked him at first because he was hot, but then I liked him because he was funny and a joy to be around. We became friends. So, when I found myself repeatedly.. Read More

People without kids have empty lives?

An opinion piece was posted (complete with counterargument) by a pal online today: “I Think People Without Kids Have Empty Lives And I’m Not Sorry About It.” Do I really have to read beyond something so closed-minded? I tried my hardest, but the comment thread was really far more interesting to me. Most of us seemed to agree that we disagreed with the original author – and all for various.. Read More

Shiz I should’ve done as a kid (explained by Youtube video)

“Should’ve been a cheearleader…” “Should’ve studied abroad…” “Shouldn’t’ve ever worn the atomic bomb abomination that were Gap parachute pants…” Nostaligia and regret go hand in hand when I reflect on my childhood and teen years. And today, as I sweep through the interactive plate of social-net spaghetti with my brain fork, I’ve come across a few worthy meat balls to add to this remorse list regarding my formative years. I’m.. Read More

Men who take lotsa selfies are psychos?

Really? My bubbly, smiley, sexy, kinda famous, and totally gay husband Kyle Krieger? James Franco? Every man that makes me laugh from Russell Brand to Richardland? All these men take selfies. And I’d put my head in the oven immediately if they or their selfies left my life. Even though my oven runs on electricity. ’cause if selfies equal pscyho and if psycho is wrong – I don’t wanna be.. Read More