Confessions of an “ex-party girl”

I saw this great “ex-party girl” post today. And I’ll be damned if that shiz ain’t true. But let’s call a thing a thing here. Based off all the other Facebookers sharing this post (who also don’t launch chemical vessels of any sort down their sanguine highway anymore) this is really more of an ex-lush-n-drug post. I mean, party girls might tone down the stiletto height, up the fabric on.. Read More

Anyone else watch the new Kurt Cobain documentary?

After having the same lyric from “Territorial Pissings” on loop in my head for three days straight, I caved. I watched the Kurt Cobain documentary. Mind you, I was gonna watch it anyway. It’s just that the tale – which you know the ending to – is depressing enough that you kinda hafta be in good spirits to watch it if you’re easily depressed like me (probably why I identified.. Read More

Why Instagram’s 86’d the eggplant emoji

I keep looking over this eggplant emoji and trying to figure out why IG might ban it: Actually, I know why they banned it. Because: penis. A year or two ago, when I was just discovering the dark side of Insta’s hashtag function, I found amongst the plethora of pill pushers and Russian prostitutes (probably not there voluntarily) a litany of of lady clams and pork swords. People really wanted.. Read More