That moment when love silences the haters.

What’s the hardest habit you’ve ever had to quit in your life? Was it quitting the “binging and then complain about being fat” cycle? Chocolate or masturbation (or both… together)? Your only-gay-for-this-holiday lover? Whatever it was – what I’m even more interested to know is – what exactly was your final inspiration to change. What was the ultimate catalyst? Was it that you envisaged how much better your life would.. Read More

I superfail at lazy days

I said I was gonna do it. And glob-damn if I didn’t try my hardest. But it was a failed venture. I just… don’t get it. I used to be so good at these. The “lazy, fat, days”. The routine was simple in the old days when my sanguine traffic flow was consistently polluted with pharmaceuticals and I ate processed canned crap. I’d get up, ply the lipped fissure in.. Read More

Help me I’m fine financially – but think shitty thoughts.

“The key is to live not in a poverty mindset – but one of abundance.” I heard this from my island dwelling hippie pal who’d be totally “off grid” if not for the fact that I met him through his youtube channel (so obviously they’ve got internet out there). But aside from that tech connection, this dude’s the real deal. He lives off of foraged fruit, built his own dwelling,.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings: the heartest challenge yet?

“I’ve got something you can do for your 30 Days…” my physical therapist told me. Despite my 100% reverence for him, I admittedly wanted to eyeroll. Or smirk. Or both, I’m not sure which. We were both in one’a those “mid-week” kinda moods. But for him, I imagine, it was even more frustrating. After all, I hadn’t been in in two weeks, my spine and hips were all misaligned, and.. Read More

Do we date based on mommy n’ daddy issues?

I swear there’s some divine digital synchronistic undercurrent guiding the interwebz. And today, it came in the form of a “Psychology Today” piece on how we pick the wrong people for us (right on the heels of my article about how we don’t pick bad people; our approach just needs work). Reviewing my thoughts – I still stand by them – but the article did kinda open my mind a.. Read More

Does god want me to be fat?

A friend posted a quote recently that I’m going to try now to remember: “Motivation doesn’t last – but neither does taking a shower. So you should try to do both every day.” Yeah, I think that’s it. And it’s true. It’s like another quote you hear in the rooms of drug or alcohol or overeating recovery: “Just for today”. You take things a day at a time until they.. Read More

8 things that suck less if don’t quit before 10 minutes.

Ever notice how starting an avoided task – is the harder than doing the task itself? I realized something about that today. Something more concrete – and quantifiable. It dawned on me that whenever I’m prepping to do almost anything I don’t wanna do (from creating to cleaning), there’s a reason for that avoidance. It’s not just laziness. It’s the pain of exercising the muscle of change – almost like.. Read More

Great minds and their weird creative rituals

What puts you in a mood to make up creative magic? Music? Vodka? Nap? (“And how’s that werkin’ out fer ya?”) Creativity ain’t easy. It’s that brilliantly infuriating gift where we can’t always harness it to do our monetary bidding – yet it’ll wake you up at 3 A.M. in a sweat and beg you to scrawl down the fountaining thought-froth brimming from your brain like something you put in.. Read More

Mindlessly buying?

I used to love retail therapy. There was something really comforting about clutching a café mocha while traipsing through the local mall and pretending I was more rich or important than I was because I had a few bags that could hold the load of clothes instead of my unchecked emotions for a short while. *Sigh* Sometimes I miss that blissful ignorance so much that I’ll head to Victoria’s Secret.. Read More

Optogenetics: Can we Eternally Sunshine bad habits?

Quick! Without thinking: Which bad habit you wish you could break right now? Whether you’re a smoker or a serial relationshipper, you probably couldn’t answer that straight away. Not “without thinking”. Ironically, our habits seem to happen exactly that way – without us giving ’em much thought – like we’re on autopilot. Maybe we reach for a bowl of candy, a cigarette, or a wine glass when we’re stressed. Not.. Read More