P.C. postural pain – and the wizard ways to eradicate it

A little less than a year ago, I was standing in Dick’s Sporting Goods trying to decide if $40 was “worth it”. Worth not suffering the kinda posture that turns me into a shuffling 30-year-old geriatric, that is. And that’s what the standard foam roller would cost me to DIY style work out the kinks I’d caused myself with rotten posture. “Why bother?” I wondered, reasoning that “well if I.. Read More

Are coconut oil’s cure-claims at least quasi legit?

So, is or is not coconut oil legitimately as good as people are telling me it is? From cooking to mouth sloshing to lathering it into your locks, I feel like this stuff’s usefulness ubiquity has become the vegan’s version of the Windex wielding dad gag in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Sure, it tastes great on toast, but if I was asked to compare it to any other similar.. Read More

Pain is just pleasure on deck

Pain can be good for you, so they say. I don’t mean the chronic where-the-fcck’d-this-come-from sting of sciatica or a piece of shrapnel raping the comfort of your days. That shit’s just soul sucking until you get a physiological fix up (or just a fix of the pharmaceutiful genre, which ultimately isn’t the answer, unless your five year plan is drug dependency peppered with hostile outbreaks in rage, and ultimately.. Read More

Pessi-mist: sniffing out the link between physical and mental ouchies

I saw this article in Psychology Today and thought, “I already read and wrote about this.” Actually, I hadn’t. It was something close – how physical pain and emotional pain following social rejection are similar. In fact, so similar are they, that in the study carried out, an over-the-counter analgesic like Motrin (meant to solve physical pain, obv) also served to mitigate painful emotional responses in chicks. As a yes-and.. Read More

Pain-gover versus hangover

I woke up with a demon’s claws in my eyes and neck this morning. It was the kind of neck pain that makes you go all bleary eyed as your dead relatives beckon you from the end of a bright white hallway. For me, it was just an ickier than usual one of my morning pains that awakens me like a spasmodic rooster crow whose vocal cords are my nociceptors… Read More

Nude yoga: my body is ready

Ready your bodies, we’re doing naked yoga today. No, no. I mean – a friend recently posted something about a chick doing it. And that was after another friend posted a video a while ago about its benefits, too. (Unintentional troll alert: Before any hetero readers who aren’t chicks get too excited – they were both dudes.) But I sense some of your “right top x button” trigger fingers getting.. Read More

Can plants hear themselves dying?

Can plants hear themselves dying? As bad of news as it may seem for us leaf eaters… maybe. Apparently, plants can apparently act defensively – and they do it in response to being eaten. Or… knowing they’re about to be eaten. In a study done at the University of Missouri, caterpillars learned this the hard way when their lunch of leaves demanded they leave – by producing defensive mustard oils… Read More