Brain-channel epilogue

As I published my brainhack article… I realized I’ve forgotten something (ironic?). What to avoid. For example, you may have noticed how on that list, I haven’t included the likes of “screw (alone or not), stuff your face, or have a Netflixathon”. Worry not. I didn’t forget those items. They’ve been intentionally left out only because I’ve done the field research in this area and can successfully conclude the following:.. Read More

10 anti-anxiety channels for your brain remote.

You know that feeling you get when you hear the OnDemand menu or DVD intro on loop? But you can’t find the remote to change it? So you just have to keep hearing it like some prisoner-of-war camp torture method? That’s kinda how anxiety-inducing thoughts are for me. Same annoying thing running circles in my head. And just like the jailers with the war prisoners, it’s usually doing that because.. Read More

You’re either setting a good or bad habit. Right this second.

Don’t ask me why, but this quote on the mind kinda blew mine the other day: “Whatever you’re doing, right now, you’re physically altering the structure of your brain to become better at it.” It seems simple. And I shouldn’t have been that wowed by it. But, as a habit-hacking seeker who constantly gets trapped by my own tedious tendencies, it grabbed me on more than one level. Whatever you.. Read More

Are you a victim of the bad luck monster?

I heard an interesting theory today: “Some people just have bad luck.” Granted, there was a concession made – that through our level of awareness and lifestyle choices, we can either exacerbate or mitigate that. But that, despite all of that, some people just have a misfortune storm cloud hanging above them like some sentient inimical cumulonimbus. Like I said, it’s an interesting theory. I just, ya know, don’t share.. Read More

Are YOU on the funds, comfort, and fornication carousel?

“Do people who make more money have more sex? Are they happier in life?” This may seem like a two part answer of “Duh” and “Duh point duh to the are-you-kidding-me-th power”, but let’s pick it apart a little bit. Sure, there are the obvious, superficial reasons the well-off catch a good batch of strange on the regular. But what about when people like you or I get a raise?.. Read More

Help me I’m fine financially – but think shitty thoughts.

“The key is to live not in a poverty mindset – but one of abundance.” I heard this from my island dwelling hippie pal who’d be totally “off grid” if not for the fact that I met him through his youtube channel (so obviously they’ve got internet out there). But aside from that tech connection, this dude’s the real deal. He lives off of foraged fruit, built his own dwelling,.. Read More

Finally, a RomCom teaches a lesson (albeit indirectly).

Anyone remember that movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Whenever it comes on and I happen to be in a channel flipping (AKA mindless/stupid/lazy) mood, I end up watching a little bit of it. It’s mostly for the half naked scenes with ScarJo and BradCoop. But it’s also for some of the fun dialog. And to torture myself by trying to will Jennifer Connelly’s freshly botoxed face to make.. Read More

Does your occipital lobe hold cosmic knowledge?

Pulp Fiction’s gansta wasn’t doing any kinda gansta-ass-shiz when he had his aha moment. In fact, it was sandwiched between two such events (dumping a body and sticking up stick up kids) during brunch. Much like most of the epiphanies in this movie which muse on about the philosophy of small-fortune milkshakes and what they call cheeseburgers in other parts of the world, it seemed to – yet again –.. Read More

Did your name determine your life choices?

Quick! Say your name out loud. Now… what thoughts just came to mind for you? Disappointment that your mother couldn’t think outside the box of popular names for that year? Or smile inducing happiness that makes you think, “Yes. That’s my name. It’s beautiful in that it signifies all that I am. When I come to rule the world, I’ll mandate that my theocracy use it as their only mantra”?.. Read More

Does god want me to be fat?

A friend posted a quote recently that I’m going to try now to remember: “Motivation doesn’t last – but neither does taking a shower. So you should try to do both every day.” Yeah, I think that’s it. And it’s true. It’s like another quote you hear in the rooms of drug or alcohol or overeating recovery: “Just for today”. You take things a day at a time until they.. Read More