Does Starbucks control the seasons?

Back in spring, I gave my plea to Starbucks to bring back seasonal drinks. I meant then. And that was only because it was still freezing ass cold outside. I was at a point where I was downing ventis less out of a need to stay awake and more to stay warm and entertain my taste buds since playing outside was a non-option. Even so, they defied my agonal cries.. Read More

Dear Starbucks: Bring back seasonal drinks till it’s warm, thx

Winter in Virginia is like the annoying ex who you think finally got the picture and is leaving you alone. And for like a week or two, it’s nothing but sunshine and windows down and you feel free as a fkkng bird. Then, wham, that bastard Jack Frost comes back like Cusack under your window – boom box, luminaries, and all. (Although the only thing they share in common is.. Read More