Back when I was in the middle to high school era, the 70’s were making a comeback.

The halls were filled with daisies and smiley face tops, platform shoes, and bell bottom jeans that looked like our spindly legs had been supplanted by dual Dysons made of denim. We even resurrected such phrases as “Groovy” and “Keep on truckin’” for god knows what reason. And as I’d traipse off to school in these floral, flowy silk tops (which looked more like I was heading to a nightclub to do a dance off with a 20 year old Travolta than feign awake-ness from a wooden ass crippling desk), my mom would give me that same look every morning. That look that said nostalgically, “I remember wearing that…” The fun thing is – is that sometimes she meant stylistically (“I used to dress like that”) and other times she meant literally – ‘cause I’d steal her old flower child trousers from when they were popular decades ago. It’s funny – in the 90’s when we were reviving the Saturday Night Fever era as some vintage fashion novelty – the 70’s were really only 20 years behind us (#math). It seemed like an eternity to those of us who couldn’t even conceive of being 20 years old, much less understand that the next 20 goes by in a blink of an eye (halfway there myself) once you get there.

And the catwalk will inevitably recycle eras past as wearable relics along the way.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that it’s happening again.

But this time, it’s happening to me.

They’re bringing back… JNCOs.

As I’m seeing these online reminders that these pants with a leg width that looked more like a Mormon skirt than a skater’s duds are coming back, I’m short circuiting. Has it really been that long? Yes, yes it has. I mean, I haven’t taken the time to look up the popularity chronology of these jeans, but I definitely remember them becoming trendy around the same time I was watching “The Craft” on repeat at slumber parties, wearing Starter jackets, and getting perms. The mid 90’s. And now… it’s 2015 (#moremath!) Yep. We’re right on schedule.

Hey, anyone have any kids that want my old Woodstock-esque Paris Blues?

Because it won’t be long till another 20 years passes, the 70’s make a comeback-comeback, and their kids can wear ‘em.

“Yeah… These were worn way back in the 90’s… to resurrect the 70’s… when they were first worn.”

Vintage level: Inception.