More cinematic shade-throwing on FrankenFrozen

Okay, I promise I’ll post a blog about some of the good parts of “Frozen”. Eventually. Not today. Because, for right now, I just can’t focus on Froze Pro’s until I get the rest of the unforgivable cons off my chest. Let’s – for a moment, if we can- forget about how godawful the storyline and misplaced characters were. Let’s not even analyze the bad songs and the missing pieces… Read More

Cringeworthy Creepers.

They say that pain shared is pain halved. But shame shared? That’s hilarious. That’s why this grab-your-popcorn style fun story of Ariana Grande’s 29-year-old “stalker” (quotes because all he’s really doing is sending her random gifts and is probably harmless) didn’t end with the things homeboy bought her. Like a three piece hanging mirror set. Eight yankee candles. A cheap necklace. Kitten calendars. A rock from one of his travels….?.. Read More

Technology toddlers: how soon’s too soon?

During the four or five years I worked in a healthcare field, I’d see all kinds of parents. Managing their small and bored kids as best they could, in all kinds of ways. As these moms (usually moms, but sometimes dads) managed to squeeze my medical place of employment into their day between PTA and soccer practice and work, I always found it really considerate when they also managed to.. Read More

Disappointed in Dunham?

Yes, I’m a bit disappointed in Lena Dunham. Not really, but kind of. And no, it’s not for “molesting her little sister” (when she was also a child herself). It’s more for sharing her story honestly and openly (Bold move. Fine. That’s why we like you.) but then angrily jumping up and feeling compelled to defend it when people with I-disagree opinions took to social media to throw shade and.. Read More

Great news. I am VERY excite.

It is with great pride and a warm heart that I’d like to announce this: In nine months… there will be a delivery happening in my world. Lighting up my darkened life. Bringing tears of joy to my eyes. Making me want to break out into all the Disney-esque songs I love and maybe even a few I hate every time I see him: The Starbucks delivery man. Now that’s.. Read More

Cinematic shade-throwing: Frozen.

Much like Princess Anna’s trek up the mountain, I knew I was in for a long haul. And I didn’t even have any men’s lives or sleds to destroy along my way with DDS (damsel in distress syndrome) In fact, it was a man putting me in the distress… of watching “Frozen”, finally. “If you don’t”, he threatened, “I’ll steal your firstborn and put her in a tower. And when.. Read More