And now for a very large dog. And a very large cat.

Well, it’s happened. A thought translated into vibrations in my vocal cords until it reached air, carrying intelligible significance. Just barely, tho. It was a quote from a car commercial. (With a slight tweak: “That’s not a real puppy… that’s too big to be a real puppy…” ) But you just might say it too, after seeing “Hulk”: This behemoth pit bull embodies that whole “big friendly giant” concept in.. Read More

Orwellian ovarian overlords: snatch spies are hacking your hormones online

We’ve become accustomed (somehow) to the fact that everything’s monitored when we web surf. But what about when we women folk are surfing that… plus our lady tides simultaneously? Well, if Mr. Hall worked for the right marketing companies, he might tell Cher he already knew that. Because this is apparently a new thing happening. In I-told-you-so news, marketers can now get their hands on your flow info – if.. Read More

Internet catcall comments IRL: has this been done yet?

On the heels of that “woman walking and getting catcalled” video, I’ve got another idea. One that’s like at least ten percent less serious: internet catcalls on the street. I mean, we’ve all thought about how much worse “harassment” is online than the kind we do IRL, right? It’s the reason people issue restraining orders and bullied kids end up tying nooses from the hanging plant hooks on the ceiling.. Read More

Troll patrol: sharing bad opinions online could get you jailed soon.

Workaholics did a great episode not too long ago about a gamer troll antagonizing them. Being that it’s “Workaholics” we’re talking about, the hapless potheads all gathered together, impersonated a SWAT unit, and hunted down the house of the man who’d been shiz talking into his headphones at them. What they were going to do once they actually got there was about as planned out as any hash-brained idea would.. Read More

Potato salad kickstarter?

Screw watching T.V. series and screw writing articles! Let’s just make a shiz ton of money conjuring up a hoax online instead. Like this one guy from Ohio who began a culinary kickstarter as a joke. Much like the guitar playing, master chef guy who wrote a Craigslist ad looking for a roomie and coming off all charming and hilarious in it, this was amusing initially for its “funny ‘cause.. Read More

Monkey gone to heaven in comment hell

I know that I’ve been inundated with too much iphone and internet when I start to write (I mean actually write – pen to paper) and I look for the microphone icon on the page of my notebook. It’s also a sign I’ve been spending too much time Stumbling or Youtubing or Facebooking when I sit down to enjoy a nice episode of “Hitler’s Henchman” (or whatever it’s called) on.. Read More

Walkin’ Into InterWebs ♪

I spend about blahbety-blah percent of my life online. Let’s just assume that figure’s high. And it’s got a nine in the first digit. And there’s, like, three digits. But it’s sort of nuts when I think about it – not just in a lament-modern-society-slaves sorta way. No, I mean I’m realizing that only about half of that time’s spent doing actual work. And when I say half, I mean.. Read More