Are YOU on the funds, comfort, and fornication carousel?

“Do people who make more money have more sex? Are they happier in life?” This may seem like a two part answer of “Duh” and “Duh point duh to the are-you-kidding-me-th power”, but let’s pick it apart a little bit. Sure, there are the obvious, superficial reasons the well-off catch a good batch of strange on the regular. But what about when people like you or I get a raise?.. Read More

We’re going to Gravity! Bring your green hat!

Not sure if NDT actually was the one who started this meme I now see everywhere or not: But I do know that it’s true. ’cause it’s what I do too. And I also know that the internet sometimes comes up with a few good suggestions inadvertently as well – especially with dream-come-true tales like that CEO who cut his own income to match that of his employees at the.. Read More

My physical therapist deserves churches established in his honor

As promised, I finally returned to P.T. And for the first night in over a year, I slept for about six straight hours. And woke up with almost no pain. That – pain – is a daily companion of mine. I wake with it wagging its tail like the opposite of a welcome house pet who subsequently demands to be acknowledged and dealt with throughout the remainder of the day… Read More

Does winning the lotto make you as unhappy as it makes me that I didn’t?

Now that a person who won millions of dollars just made news, it’s time to start comparing our smile-ometers. Ya know, so that we can carry on living without murdering ourselves spontaneously for being poor. So let’s consult the retro-experts on jackpot happiness: “Levels of overall happiness spiked upon winning, but returned to normal levels within a few months, and that long-term happiness for winners wasn’t significantly different from those.. Read More

Sardonic meta-squatting

Ah, a squatter squatting on a squatter. Should be good! I admit, with his comedic antics and Casey Casem lite voice, the initial impact of the spectacle got a few laughs out of me before it just faceplanted in a syrupy pool of its own sarcasm. And, naturally, whoever’s home it is should get it back. But, I feel like something’s missing from this story. Something behind the bathrobe and.. Read More

Bill O’Reilly tells black people how to win at being American

Alright, class. Let’s all start our day with a collective eyeroll. While watching Bill O’ Reilly via Russell Brand’s “Trews” (only way I can manage to watch Bill), I tried my hardest to get past his caustic manner enough to hear his actual message regarding his belief about the non-existence of “white privilege”. You can call things whatever they like. I won’t take offense to it just because the adjective.. Read More

More stores tricking me into being a money slut

I knew these retail demons had more up their sleeves than meets the eye. And they have more than meets the nose too. And ears. And math-brain-center. I’ve written about money trickery before, but I didn’t realize the hacking of our pocketbooks also hacks our olfactory bulbs. Indeed their light-bulb ideas span to sense hijacking beyond the predictable product placement and fake sales. Wait, did somebody say “bake sale”? No,.. Read More

Segregated living: richer in the front, poorer in the rear

Have you ever lived in a place you can barely afford? And feel like a hooker browsing on Rodeo anytime you walk through your own foyer? Well, good. You should. In fact, a New York apartment building that’s in the making is going to save you some trouble of feeling bad about being alive in the presence of your you-so-fancy neighbors. The 33 story building imminently coming to 40 Riverside.. Read More