Fitness blogger’s body photoshop vid was *almost* perfect…

On the heels of my fitness vlogger piece, comes a fitness blogger piece. Cassey Ho (who I didn’t even know was a thing until this viral video came out) recently did a sad skit meant to shine a spotlight on the cyberbullying issue (because all the real celebs who do sad videos seem to be having a great effect on actual bullying and not just looking more saintly while traipsing.. Read More

Turning workouts into wine is a MYTH, says scientist himself.

“That’s probably not good for you.” “STFU,” I replied in non-acronym form, as I chugged the remainder of my Merlot. “I mean, not right before you go to the gym.” Had he been a fleet of wild horses with Gos’s face, he couldn’t’ve dragged me away from my nightly libations. I mean, my hypocritical boyfriend at the time who’d keep a cigarette in his mouth whenever I dragged (zing) him.. Read More

Why it will be okay when I steal these red pandas.

Well, it’s gonna snow again today. Right on top of this still-hasn’t-even-melted-yet layer. But I’m determined to venture out in it – and this time it’s not to go running. Well, yes, that’s a given; but today our focus is slightly redirected. Today, after I shovel my car out of its powdery ice fortress, I’ll be taking to the roads and heading all the way to the zoo. So I.. Read More

Frocktical illusion: Ever hear this many men argue over fashion?

Move over, “Is there god?” “Are there aliens?” “What happens when we die?” There’s a new… gown in town. Nobody cares about the larger existential questions regarding the universe anymore. All we want to know is: what the actual fluck color is this frock gone viral? It’s madness. I saw the thing pop up on James Franco’s Instagram late last night, and by the morning, the apocalypse was well under.. Read More

Got life-hack advice? Then put it in plus-sign terms, ya negative Nancy.

I’m mentally mixed over this “mentally strong” article I’ve seen a few times now. The author of it’s this psychotherapist who went through hardship (just like the rest of us) and came out of it with fodder for a book that’s made her a lotta money. As the book’s been selling, however, the Cliffs Notes version of it has been circulating through my social media feeds with the top 13.. Read More

And now for a trifecta of feelz-porn.

I’m not usually big on the emotional pornography – unless it does some good. And I feel like my Facebook feed is doing a good job of posting the kind that has a purpose this week. (Well done, e’rybody.) Maybe it’s that Valentine’s day just happened and everyone’s still in a lovey dovey mood. Or maybe it’s that Friday the 13th just happened before that and when we’re all terrified.. Read More

Surprise! You’re on asshole camera!

You know, I like this idea – of “making the homeless visible”. But something about this video that’s gone viral struck me wrong: People passing their loved ones on the street probably had a fleeting thought of, “Gee, that looks like Bobby!” followed by the sad thought of “what if he really didn’t have a home?” and then “Gee I’m lucky not to have fallen on hard times” (followed by.. Read More