Sandy vaj? There’s a tablet for that.

Do you want to take the blue pill? Or the pink pill? Well, if we’re talking about libido boosters versus making some moral decision about saving the world, it’s pretty simple. We’re all well aware that the notorious “blue pill” is for boys. But what you may not know is that there’s now a pink one, as well – for girls gone dry. And while that’d make a fun title.. Read More

Am I a wanderlust mutant?

“We choose to go to the moon in this deCADE and do the otha’ thangs! Not becahz they ah’ easy – but because they ah’ hah’d!” (See below for actual, OG, non-racist-against-Northerners quote): For whatever reason this line always comes to mind when I’m intentionally putting extra ladles full of effort helpings on my plate – whether it’s more work, running out on a rocky terrain, or seeing how much.. Read More

Would you be more willing to strip for science? Or art?

“You’ll all be seeing each other in your swimsuits. You just have to get used to it.” I heard this a few months ago from a lead instructor in the physical therapy assistant program I’m trying to get into. And, I’ll be honest, it was slightly jarring. I mean, there’s this constant clash in my mind of “it’s just a body – who cares? You’re a free spirit! We’re all.. Read More

I’ll take the Oprah roll with a side of wasabi, thx.

You wanna know what’s worse than seeing celebrities in my Facebook sidebar? Thinking I’m seeing a celebrity’s name when it’s something else I might actually be interested in. Before you know it, a title about this creature called an “opah” fish is forcing me to think about Oprah Winfrey. Along with a series of facepalm worthy mentally constructed montages of all the times she’s compared guests who are mourning lost.. Read More

Sorcery: HTF are these worms floating?

I’ve long said the forest is magical… …but I wasn’t expecting the worm version of some Harry Potter shiz as soon as the weather warmed. Somehow, I don’t recall seeing these things this time last year. But then again, that might’ve just been because I was too preoccupied with doing a complete and constant, frame by frame while in motion, optical securing of the perimeter to make sure there weren’t.. Read More

Scientifically demystifying spiritual stuff P3: The “heart chakra”

Next on science demystified: THE HEART CHAKRA The heart chakra is something that’s still Bin Laden level elusive to me on an application level. I mean – I’ll think I’ve got it in my cross hairs, but then it’ll die and randomly disappear (also like Bin Laden did). And that generally happens when I’m afraid (anxious, nervous, disgusted, etc). I suppose that jibes with the whole “Love versus Fear” thing.. Read More

Scientifically demystifying spiritual stuff P2: CHI flow

Next up on spirituality demystified is… CHI ENERGY I’m referring to this one as “chi” instead of the lower chakras, ’cause I tend to believe it all bubbles up from the same place. (Close… But like, slightly higher.) Whatever you call it, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. ’cause this one’s been of interest to me since the first day I felt it myself and almost leapt outta my.. Read More

Scientifically demystifying spiritual stuff P1: The “third eye”

I had a thought the other day while I was out jogging. Actually, it was more like a cascade of thoughts that my brain does when it’s desperate to take all that mind-body spiritual stuff (which I know for a fact works if you try) and link it up to a language my less airy-fairy rational brethren can comprehend. And you know what? I think, I’ve at least – in.. Read More

Are YOU on the funds, comfort, and fornication carousel?

“Do people who make more money have more sex? Are they happier in life?” This may seem like a two part answer of “Duh” and “Duh point duh to the are-you-kidding-me-th power”, but let’s pick it apart a little bit. Sure, there are the obvious, superficial reasons the well-off catch a good batch of strange on the regular. But what about when people like you or I get a raise?.. Read More

Men: why is your morning meat caffeinated before you are?

Ah, morning wood. (Really, I’d expect nothing less from someone who walks around pantless all the time) Any straight femme who’s ever done the long term relache thing is well aware of this phallic phenomena (in fact, I’m just now wondering if that’s why they’ve graciously endowed it with the “cock” moniker – ‘cause like a throbbing, veiny, rooster – it’s up and crowing before you are?) Yes. That’s the.. Read More