#TBT Instagram: A Fluffy Doggy Tale

Today we celebrate #TBT with the summertime tale of Treat and Creature: Try as he might, Treat saw no escape. He had surveyed the immediate surroundings, but was cornered on all sides by padded pink walls. Now, he stood stoically as Creature secured him with one claw alone – rendering him completely immobile. She paused pensively for a moment, looked up at the Human (who had trafficked him here with.. Read More

Walkin’ Into InterWebs ♪

I spend about blahbety-blah percent of my life online. Let’s just assume that figure’s high. And it’s got a nine in the first digit. And there’s, like, three digits. But it’s sort of nuts when I think about it – not just in a lament-modern-society-slaves sorta way. No, I mean I’m realizing that only about half of that time’s spent doing actual work. And when I say half, I mean.. Read More