A funny thing happened on the way to the temple…

I was excited – but I had all the usual fears going on tonight. What if they don’t like me? What if I make an idiot of myself? What if they think I’m the Marla Singer of spirituality – a big tourist in a little Buddhist temple? As day seven of my #30daysofnewthings quest, I had planned to head out past Occoquan to a little Buddhist temple called “Ekoji”. I.. Read More

This vibrator necklace must be a joke…

The latest sex-cessory by “Crave” is a necklace that gives new meaning to “ribbed pleasure” Because while you wear it over your ribs in public… you pleasure yourself with it in private: (Is it just me or does the peripheral view of this thing look kinda like where its meant to actually go?) Indeed. This Valentine’s day, your soul mate and potential father of your children (though you may not.. Read More

And now for a list of terrifying sex toys.

Today, I learned what a “Vajankle” was. I can’t show you the picture. Because even when they’re depicted in silicone form, I’m pretty sure the WordPress overlords frown on photographs depicting feet with built-in snatches at the superior stump portion. So, instead, I’ll just let you marinate on that description, click here at your discretion, or just use your imagination to figure out what this novelty item’s for. As ever,.. Read More

I shouldn’t have clicked that… #doublepeen

So, my brain just short circuited. It turned “too much internet for today O’ clock” – already, before 9 A.M. – the moment I made the mistake of clicking on this story about a dude with dual dongs. Or as he calls himself DDD (“double dick dude”). Then, I made the follow up mistake of clicking on the actual image. It’s not one of those awful things that makes my.. Read More

MriCan’t with this video: sex and horns under a body scanner

A video of sex happening? On youtube? Inside a body scanner? I dunno what I was expecting from this “how life looks like inside an MRI machine”. In my mind’s eye, I suppose, it was meant to be something like this: Because anytime I imagine coitus plus anything technology, Bjork’s sex bots mechanically fondling one another is going to be the first thing that bubbles to the surface from my.. Read More

These theme parks are ridiculous

Still don’t know where to spend summer? Why not pack up the family and take the kids to one of these theme parks that probably shouldn’t exist? First up: Loveland Wait – was that the human centipede I saw in there? Located in Jeju, South Korea, this adult theme park opened in 2004 to “break barriers of sexual social pressures”. And who’s responsible for this brilliance? 20 Hongik University students.. Read More