Are you a victim of the bad luck monster?

I heard an interesting theory today: “Some people just have bad luck.” Granted, there was a concession made – that through our level of awareness and lifestyle choices, we can either exacerbate or mitigate that. But that, despite all of that, some people just have a misfortune storm cloud hanging above them like some sentient inimical cumulonimbus. Like I said, it’s an interesting theory. I just, ya know, don’t share.. Read More

Learning: can being dumber make you smarter?

“Don’t… know… how to… information…” I was sitting under the spring sun the other day, studying, and trying to get a good base tan for the impending skimpy-clothes weather (although I’m 200 years old now, so there’s an inverse relache between skimpiness and self respect at this point). And all I could think of was the above. Actually, that’s a lie. I was thinking plenty. But all I could manage.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings: New trail and metayoga

“How far’d you go? A couple miles?” The fisherman I’d just waved to asked me this from a distance as I was finishing up my run. He and his buddy had been standing at the side of the dock since before I parked my car, stretched, and set out on a new trail. It was set to be day three of my #30daysofnewthings challenge. A new trail may sound kinda.. Read More

Are we “picking the wrong lovers” Or just lazy?

There was this cute movie Jenny McCarthy once did called “Dirty Love”. It was fun for what it was – a mindless, fluffy, sexy, comedy – but you’d hurt your brain if you looked too deeply. Which, natch, I tried to do. While the message is supposed to be good – about seeking out “pure” love versus “dirty” love with the kind of low-level sorta person you think you “deserve”.. Read More

5 things everyone (not just chicks) can learn.

I found this fun “ways women are disconnected from themselves” article today. This “line em up and knock ‘em down” list of what we’re doing wrong and how to sort it out bothered me for two reasons. First was because these gender-wallow articles always make me feel like I’m part of some melancholic coven. Like if Daria, Janine Garafalo, and the daughter from Roseanne had all started a sorority under.. Read More

“What if…” (5 creativity sparkers I need to do more)

Some days, yes. On such mornings, I try to ignite my imagination by employing the innocent phrase, “what if…?” Like… “What if… this bottle wasn’t a bottle?” (So what?) “Okay… What if… (*picks up peel with Dole sticker still on it*) this banana was alive? Before I ate it?” (You did that already.) “What… if I’m a bird?” (Did you take notes from Shia LaBeouf’s notebook before you plagiarized “The.. Read More

To free – or knot to free?

Screw black holes and the holographic universe theory. No one cares. What I really require is a detailed, scientific explanation for: Why I have to spend my days trying to free up knots and kinks. (Knot what I meant…) Finally, the beautiful minds of the world unraveled mine by explaining why knot-unraveling is so not easy. You know what I mean – there are the Christmas lights (an obvious one)… Read More

Turning 30: Don’t settle for second best. OR second puberty.

I look for any excuse to laugh. That’s why when I saw this College Humor video on turning 30, I had a good guffaw or two – if nothing more than for the “you’re being punished for joy!” comment and the fun supplemental animation. I’m a sucker for creativity and sarcasm. Especially when it applies to my cohort group. Post by CollegeHumor. But as ever, I’ve some yes-and’s (more like.. Read More

More stores tricking me into being a money slut

I knew these retail demons had more up their sleeves than meets the eye. And they have more than meets the nose too. And ears. And math-brain-center. I’ve written about money trickery before, but I didn’t realize the hacking of our pocketbooks also hacks our olfactory bulbs. Indeed their light-bulb ideas span to sense hijacking beyond the predictable product placement and fake sales. Wait, did somebody say “bake sale”? No,.. Read More