Are you an A.M. or P.M. person? What if you could be both?

When creative writing is your job, you’re always looking for creative solutions for everything. How to maximize productivity, how to cultivate creativity, where to seek motivation, and even life applications – like how to outsmart your internal pity parties. It took me a bit to realize that the two (work related and personal) can help one another out. That’s likely because I did a lot of reading. And when I.. Read More

Put(t) your action pen to your reality paper

“Oh, we can’t do that today…” My dad and I had just shared a bit of convo over coffee the other day before heading out for a game of putt putt golf. The topic? “Creativity and inspiration”. I’m not sure how we got on the topic (probably me talking about how badly I was procrastinating on doing my writing for the day), but he started relating a story to me.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings challenge: climb a tree

“Really? Is this the most creative thing you can come up with? Try a new fruit?” I mean, it’s on the list – but more of a last resort kinda thing. And I was only two days into my 30-days-of-new-things experimental challenge yesterday at 5:00 P.M. I’d gotten a late start on my afternoon jog, and despite the fact that it was warm (for this time of year) and sunny.. Read More

30 days: Can I install innovation habits with neuroplasticity?

“And how much is this?” I asked, thumbing through the packet labeled “aura reading”. There were numerous pages explaining the chakras and showing some random soul with his face blacked out, surrounding by blurry orange halo. PDF files. Charts. Graphs. Who knew you could turn spirituality into a piece worthy of PubMed status? “A hundred,” the shop owner replied. I actively tried to force my eyes from doing that thing.. Read More

I need to watch this TED talk at least twelve more times.

Another fantastic TED talk here… on innovation Actually, I clicked on this talk hoping it’d play out like a Buzzfeed list of 365 ways to unlock my creative ballpoint bearing braininess that didn’t wanna come out and write today. Just to show what a “dur” state I was in (my coffee was still brewing; get off me) before I pressed play, I didn’t even make the obvious connection literally anyone.. Read More

“What if…” (5 creativity sparkers I need to do more)

Some days, yes. On such mornings, I try to ignite my imagination by employing the innocent phrase, “what if…?” Like… “What if… this bottle wasn’t a bottle?” (So what?) “Okay… What if… (*picks up peel with Dole sticker still on it*) this banana was alive? Before I ate it?” (You did that already.) “What… if I’m a bird?” (Did you take notes from Shia LaBeouf’s notebook before you plagiarized “The.. Read More

DND: Disturb ‘N Die (when I’m riding the writing dragon).

The act of creating anything is almost like being on drugs. Technically, that analogy’s actually not far off. Whether it’s writing or painting murals on Strathmore with your penis that’s covered in impeccably blended acrylic shades – creating doesn’t happen by some light switch we cognitively clap on and off. I think anyone in that sort of field “knows” it – yet fights that fact the moment that the biology.. Read More

Are all artists con artists?

“Ah, you’re taking a break from work?” I looked up through a visor of my own splayed fingers to see the source of the familiar inquiring voice with the rhetorical question. It was the maintenance dude who works at my apartment – just finishing up his shift. I paused for a moment. “Yes!” I lied enthusiastically. I was on a park bench, in the middle of summer, dog in tow,.. Read More

Great minds and their weird creative rituals

What puts you in a mood to make up creative magic? Music? Vodka? Nap? (“And how’s that werkin’ out fer ya?”) Creativity ain’t easy. It’s that brilliantly infuriating gift where we can’t always harness it to do our monetary bidding – yet it’ll wake you up at 3 A.M. in a sweat and beg you to scrawl down the fountaining thought-froth brimming from your brain like something you put in.. Read More

Post 300: Are you not entertained?!

In commemoration of my 300 post mark… (waits for applause to abate) …this post’s about productivity. And as someone who took 300 years to figure out how to post more than one thing a day, I’m obviously a quality locution gladiator capable of offering others self help. And (*takes crown and flowers in hand*) I thank my betters who motivated me by showing me magical writing tools and tricks… So,.. Read More