Amy’s doing a veggie drive through?!

Amy’s is starting a fast food chain? Be.Still.My.Heart Actually, to be fair, heart stopping is more McDonald’s and Burger King’s thing, what with those artery clogging collations they offer ‘n all. Amy’s, on the other hand, will imminently be offering (and if you’ve had their soups and other packaged dinners you already know this) an all veggie based menu… And, yes, it’ll be done fast food style. While I typically.. Read More

McDonald’s resorts to sex to sell their slop.

Jesus, they’re really floundering, Mc-Dee’s, aren’t they? I mean, first it was the too-late all-day breakfast offer after a million and four light years of people begging for it and not getting it. Then, more recently, it was them suddenly jumping on that whole delivery bandwagon – beginning with a few New York locales. And now? Now they’re going after the affable cartoony characters – starting with the Hamburglar. Apparently,.. Read More

McDelivery: ’cause fat’s not enough. They want you lazy, too.

Ho. Lee. Shiz. I was kidding (kinda) when I said I wouldn’t be surprised if McDonald’s started to try their hand at delivering. But, indeed, it looks like the fast food carnival czar will be imminently making it even easier to infest your intestines with their grease-fests. Just like I prognosticated in a previous blog (when they finally relented and started offering all-day breakfast, which they’ve never been willing to.. Read More

What I’d eat from McD’s (if I were 127 hours style starving.)

When a friend posted this… … I did what’s common for people like me: try to guess what they said, give up on guessing what they said, decide what I’d choose to eat at McD’s if forced to, and not read the article at all before commenting exactly that list to said friend. Said comment list went something like this: Haven’t read it yet – but these are the 5.. Read More

KFC’s edible death dog makes me wanna start a Heart Attack fast food chain.

I really admire Heart Attack Grill’s business plan. But that’s only because I recently learned about the owner’s backstory. See, the dude who started it (Jon Basso) is a scorned ex-gym founder who got told off by a fast food restaurant (you might know of them – “In-N-Out”) for naming his fitness locale, ironically, something too similar to their own. Angry and upset that an anti-health joint should win over.. Read More

Is Ronald McDonald feeding us fellow species members?

(Zing fish FTW.) Let’s pause. I’m not a fan of McD’s. It’s got Pennywise as its mascot and the bottom of clown satan’s pitchfork is its golden icon. And now that that’s been said, I can say this: I’m also not a fan of going along with shocking “news” blindly just ‘cause it aligns with my preexisting beliefs about crappy meals. Sometimes I’ll fall prey to my own brain trying.. Read More