Self-conscious? Or self-aware?

What’s the difference between being self-conscious and self-aware? This one’s been a struggle for me. Even though I “know” deep down where the disparity lies, it’s one’a those things that you never truly “get” until you apply it practically – over and over again – in an actual array of ego splitting scenarios you view as opportunities to become more of that latter thing (self-aware) while you grow out of.. Read More

Scientifically demystifying spiritual stuff P3: The “heart chakra”

Next on science demystified: THE HEART CHAKRA The heart chakra is something that’s still Bin Laden level elusive to me on an application level. I mean – I’ll think I’ve got it in my cross hairs, but then it’ll die and randomly disappear (also like Bin Laden did). And that generally happens when I’m afraid (anxious, nervous, disgusted, etc). I suppose that jibes with the whole “Love versus Fear” thing.. Read More

Scientifically demystifying spiritual stuff P2: CHI flow

Next up on spirituality demystified is… CHI ENERGY I’m referring to this one as “chi” instead of the lower chakras, ’cause I tend to believe it all bubbles up from the same place. (Close… But like, slightly higher.) Whatever you call it, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. ’cause this one’s been of interest to me since the first day I felt it myself and almost leapt outta my.. Read More

Scientifically demystifying spiritual stuff P1: The “third eye”

I had a thought the other day while I was out jogging. Actually, it was more like a cascade of thoughts that my brain does when it’s desperate to take all that mind-body spiritual stuff (which I know for a fact works if you try) and link it up to a language my less airy-fairy rational brethren can comprehend. And you know what? I think, I’ve at least – in.. Read More

Did the cops saving this baby sense a higher power? Or power of suggestion?

Ever heard a disembodied voice? The kinda turn-around-and-no-one’s-there experience that sets all your flesh follicles agog? A buncha cops trying to save a woman from her car which’d gone into an icy river sure did. After a fisherman spotted the car and summoned the authorities, the four officers arrived. And, as each confirm, they all are certain they heard a woman calmly shouting “help” to them as they approached –.. Read More

Musings on future-trippings

Some days, hippie guru advice is just annoying. I can’t be bothered with it. But on others – when Chandler’s couch is a metaphor for getting crushed by consciousness – I’m magically more open. Such was what I encountered today when I clicked on this Youtube video some yoga chick had made about “releasing fear”. Her point (painted in what some might call fairly esoteric language) was that when we’re.. Read More

Pennywise’s pit wisdom

I’m in love with this gutter wisdom. And not just because of the delicious irony that accompanies imagining Pennywise’s raspy voice – snarling this positive thought through his yellowing sharpened shark teeth and across sanguine shaded lips. Nay, sir. This doubles as a “it’s funny ‘cause it’s true” for sure. I was telling my mom the other day how I never felt less spiritual than sitting in a church pew… Read More

You’z a spiritual pimp and I’m yo bottom betch.

Are our great thinkers of today really any better than we are? Bestselling author @shawnachor discovers the secret of happy people. #SuperSoulSunday is on NOW! — Oprah Network Canada (@OWNCanada) May 25, 2014 Whether it’s Cosmos or Metaphysical Milkshake or Super Soul Sunday, I love to watch documentaries, interviews, whatever – something where someone seemingly better than I am can make me want to reduce my dumbass or douchelord.. Read More

Junkie reform – spirituality demystified

“There is a lack of scientific evidence documenting how and why 12-step programs work.” I’m Not Saying It’s Magic, But… MAGIC This was at the end of an article I read recently. And don’t get me wrong – the author added that “75 years of history provides more” and it doesn’t “need” scientific inquiry. But I’m kinda sick of mysticism where it’s not needed. To be fair, Dr. David Sack.. Read More