A Rose by any other name still shouldn’t throw profeshade on Twitter

If only I were famous, I’d never have to deal with the problems peons do anymore. Like calories, aging, or getting fired for shit talking about my fellow professionals on Twitter. Right? Even though she literally got fired for doing that last one, we’re gonna employ the lovely Rose McGowan as a public cautionary tale example of how no one’s free from that. Even in the celebrity realm. ’cause homegirl.. Read More

6 reasons I ain’t mad at the interwebz today

Some days I’m sorry I got on social media at all. It’s not like I have a choice, really. I mean, that’s part of what I do – get online, observe the fcckery unfolding around me (while equipped with my metaphorical theater snacks) and then try to weave the digital dinosaur diarrhea pouring from all corners of the interwebz into a glittering, golden, ensemble. But today, from everyone’s favorite filtered.. Read More

#facebookdown causes another micropocalypse

So Facebook went down early the other morning (for like a millisecond). Instagram did too, apparently. And everyone handled it really, really well. Actually, I wasn’t present for the kerfuffle. But by the time I plugged in and caught the slew of “news” stories covering #facebookdown’s aftermath (and all the corresponding Facebook posts – ‘cause it was back online, finally, an eternity of five minutes later), I really did feel.. Read More

Say what you mean: 5 Facebook posts that need tweaking

I keep seeing this thoughtcatalog.com post floating around about “Facebook statuses that need to stop”. Anyone see it too? As the title suggests, the author finds five major genres of status on social media annoying enough that they “need to stop”. And while I definitely don’t disagree with the vexing nature of some of these (okay, all) shares better reserved for the shrink, something kind of annoys me about the.. Read More

Facebook Schizofriendia

How many of your facebook friends do you actually hang out with? And how does that make you feeeel? Surprise surprise. Science says people who overuse Facebook and overshare tend to be depressed. I’m an excellent example of somebody who used Facebook for many moons as a tool to talk to people without actually having to be around them (AKA complaining without having to hear other people complain back. Or.. Read More

Twitter – Simplicity, Spitballing, and SEO

Remember when Twitter first started? Yeah. Me either. It took me years to even set up an account, much less use it. Actually, the only reason I did was because my then-boyfriend said something like, “Twitter is for assholes.” Naturally, I saw it as a chance to spark conflict and have someone to take my misdirected femme-rage out on. So I set one up. Only problem is: when you limit.. Read More