#30daysofnewthings: Week 3

Ahhh, you thought I’d given up – didn’t you? Thought I couldn’t finish a month long challenge, eh? Wrong. I just haven’t been posting shiz (#slacker). But no worries. We’ll catchya up. Actually, though, between catching the flu and suffering from a lifelong chronic condition of because:lazy – there were some days that I came thisclose to skipping on my #30daysofnewthings challenge (which, according to Ken-the-creator’s rules I decided to.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings: New trail and metayoga

“How far’d you go? A couple miles?” The fisherman I’d just waved to asked me this from a distance as I was finishing up my run. He and his buddy had been standing at the side of the dock since before I parked my car, stretched, and set out on a new trail. It was set to be day three of my #30daysofnewthings challenge. A new trail may sound kinda.. Read More

30 days: Can I install innovation habits with neuroplasticity?

“And how much is this?” I asked, thumbing through the packet labeled “aura reading”. There were numerous pages explaining the chakras and showing some random soul with his face blacked out, surrounding by blurry orange halo. PDF files. Charts. Graphs. Who knew you could turn spirituality into a piece worthy of PubMed status? “A hundred,” the shop owner replied. I actively tried to force my eyes from doing that thing.. Read More

I need to watch this TED talk at least twelve more times.

Another fantastic TED talk here… on innovation Actually, I clicked on this talk hoping it’d play out like a Buzzfeed list of 365 ways to unlock my creative ballpoint bearing braininess that didn’t wanna come out and write today. Just to show what a “dur” state I was in (my coffee was still brewing; get off me) before I pressed play, I didn’t even make the obvious connection literally anyone.. Read More

Is GQ right about porn being wrong?

I love new things. Not consumer goods, mind you. More like new experiences. Interruptions in the norm. Reminders that I’m still alive and have (at least in some quantum form) free will in this life. A new hobby. A new genre of music. A new route home. A new yoga pose. My brain loves novelty. Which is why this GQ piece on “don’t watch porn” interested me – particularly when.. Read More

6 hypothetical uses for this GoPro on steroids. And their pros. And cons.

So, this new gadget’s in the works. And it sounds like something straight outta that movie “Final Cut”. You know? The one where Robin Williams is this futuristic photo splicer who takes bits of people’s recorded lives (because everyone has every second of their lives recorded in the future) and turns them into a montage for their families to watch or something? I think I got the gist of that.. Read More

Spotlight on V. Scott – how an open mind closes in on goals

It’s amazing what we can accomplish, keeping an open mind while acting on passion. Wanting to make a difference might start with something already awesome like this: (Coat for the homeless that transforms into a sleeping bag and carrying bag.) But as it gains momentum, the same sentiment that inspired the coat can lead to changing lives on a mass scale. And that’s exactly what Veronika Scott of the Empowerment.. Read More