What I learned from MothMiley’s cunnilingus cover

I might have to renege on a recent post suggestion I made. Remember the floating oak worms? And how I made this long, drawn out emotional appeal to save them and carry them over to some foliage so that they can finish feasting and eventually metamorphosis into angelic, fluttering beauty? Well, I didn’t think that through. ‘cause if this shiz below is what we’ve all got to look forward to,.. Read More

Fitness blogger’s body photoshop vid was *almost* perfect…

On the heels of my fitness vlogger piece, comes a fitness blogger piece. Cassey Ho (who I didn’t even know was a thing until this viral video came out) recently did a sad skit meant to shine a spotlight on the cyberbullying issue (because all the real celebs who do sad videos seem to be having a great effect on actual bullying and not just looking more saintly while traipsing.. Read More

Why it will be okay when I steal these red pandas.

Well, it’s gonna snow again today. Right on top of this still-hasn’t-even-melted-yet layer. But I’m determined to venture out in it – and this time it’s not to go running. Well, yes, that’s a given; but today our focus is slightly redirected. Today, after I shovel my car out of its powdery ice fortress, I’ll be taking to the roads and heading all the way to the zoo. So I.. Read More

Does porn star “library girl” need Jesus? Or just a backup plan?

Ever get nookie amongst books? Dirty in a word-atorium? Sexed hard against hardback texts? Some people just like getting down while they’re out in public. Regular people just trying to escape from their real careers and lives by indulging in a taboo with their boo. Libraries are quiet – like churches – which is why I tend to think this fantasy’s so common. With all that sacred silence, it feels.. Read More

Internet catcall comments IRL: has this been done yet?

On the heels of that “woman walking and getting catcalled” video, I’ve got another idea. One that’s like at least ten percent less serious: internet catcalls on the street. I mean, we’ve all thought about how much worse “harassment” is online than the kind we do IRL, right? It’s the reason people issue restraining orders and bullied kids end up tying nooses from the hanging plant hooks on the ceiling.. Read More

Should cops rock big bro recorders on their glasses?

If you’re on social media, you may have seen videos of slightly excessive police force. I, for one, can’t seem to escape these torrid tales, sandwiched betwixt the endearing dancing dogs and graphic motivational quotes that help exacerbate my online-life induced schizophrenia. But could a cameras-on-cops requirement be the answer? There’s been interest in this – especially after the Ferguson case happened and arguments split between “he shouldn’t have been.. Read More

Surprise! You’re on asshole camera!

You know, I like this idea – of “making the homeless visible”. But something about this video that’s gone viral struck me wrong: People passing their loved ones on the street probably had a fleeting thought of, “Gee, that looks like Bobby!” followed by the sad thought of “what if he really didn’t have a home?” and then “Gee I’m lucky not to have fallen on hard times” (followed by.. Read More

Harlem Hounds

For all the effort people are putting into the Harlem Shake videos, I’d expected the original to be pretty awesome once I finally found it. I was sorely mistaken. I suppose internet memes, unlike movies, are an area where the sequels and remakes stand a good chance of outdoing the OG versions, and where the “less is more” rule can simultaneously apply. My case today will be made by dancing.. Read More