Anyone else watch the new Kurt Cobain documentary?

After having the same lyric from “Territorial Pissings” on loop in my head for three days straight, I caved. I watched the Kurt Cobain documentary. Mind you, I was gonna watch it anyway. It’s just that the tale – which you know the ending to – is depressing enough that you kinda hafta be in good spirits to watch it if you’re easily depressed like me (probably why I identified.. Read More

On deck documentaries: “Approaching the Elephant”

Next on deck for films that won’t be a total waste of time to watch? The documentary on “free schools” called “Approaching The Elephant”. Back in high school, I remember seeing this one Justin Long movie where he creates a college based around, well, basically whatever the kids who come there feel like doing. It sounds like a fun idea in theory (and, technically, not terribly different from how actual.. Read More

City scrappers – vandals or vultures? (Vice video)

You’re a black male living in Detroit and you’ve lost your job. Try as you might, you haven’t been able to gain employment again. There’s just no market for your skillset. And now money’s wearing thin. As you wander through this town, trying to come up with a plan, you realize just how much it would resemble an abandoned city followed the world’s end – if not for fellow, desperate.. Read More

Best vines in life are free, maaaan….

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic “Series?” Series-ly, subtitle dude? That’s not what she said at all. Try again, friend. I wasn’t gonna watch the Miss Lohan show, but after giving it a chance one night, I admittedly got sucked into the unforgivable reality docuseries void. It sorta offered another side of the Cady character from what I’ve heard and… well heard (I didn’t see much up until this.. Read More

Let’s Apocalypse! ( A Juxt-expose-ition)

WHO HERE LIKES VICE? For those of you who are unfamiliar with who they are, they are these guys who’ve managed to educate young folk on world events by portraying their journalistic endeavors in a more attractive way: from teaching us about drugs like the “get-anyone-to-do-what-you-say” drug, “Scopolamine”, to “sneaking” inside North Korea. Think “Hipster Christiane Amanpour”. Anyway, they used to make these awesome documentaries for free on Youtube; but.. Read More

Girl Model

I was down with the flu, so I spent my sick day watching a documentary I’d been wanting to see for a while about young girls in the modeling industry. It’s a little different from “Picture Me”, though. Video embedded after the blog! Against the creepy backdrop of some Aphex Twin sounding music, “Girl Model” invites you into the twisted world of teen modeling. We follow Nadya, a beautiful 14.. Read More