Monica Lewinsky gave TED oration.

A.) How has no one else used my title as clickbait yet? B.) Monica Lewinsky? Doing… a TED talk? (This is my new “Chloe at Disneyland”. You’re welcome.) Now, I try to be open minded when it comes to hearing what people have to say. So, when I heard that Monica Lewinksy’d done a talk for TED, I tried my hardest to curb the eyeroll and hear her out. Unfortunately,.. Read More

I need to watch this TED talk at least twelve more times.

Another fantastic TED talk here… on innovation Actually, I clicked on this talk hoping it’d play out like a Buzzfeed list of 365 ways to unlock my creative ballpoint bearing braininess that didn’t wanna come out and write today. Just to show what a “dur” state I was in (my coffee was still brewing; get off me) before I pressed play, I didn’t even make the obvious connection literally anyone.. Read More

Just say no to nocebo sorcerers.

Aside from the hand-holding part at the end, I kinda liked this TED talk on how the mind can heal the body. As she went into a plethora of different examples about how stage 4 cancer and AIDS patients respectively experienced shrunken tumors and became HIV negative, Rankin brought up something I kinda never thought about. The first part’s obvi: We can make our bodies better with our brains. But.. Read More

DND: Disturb ‘N Die (when I’m riding the writing dragon).

The act of creating anything is almost like being on drugs. Technically, that analogy’s actually not far off. Whether it’s writing or painting murals on Strathmore with your penis that’s covered in impeccably blended acrylic shades – creating doesn’t happen by some light switch we cognitively clap on and off. I think anyone in that sort of field “knows” it – yet fights that fact the moment that the biology.. Read More

Binge watch absurd TED talks? Challenge accepted.

I’m not the only geek who loves seeing TED talks. But I may be the only one who binge watches their more comically toned ones. (Today’s marathon – brought to you by the Youtube sidebar). After finishing the spoofed out improv bit that trolled TED attendees (and then the interwebs too by pretending to be a real thing), I wandered on over to this one done by the dude who.. Read More

This improv TED talk is errrraythang.

I don’t know what I like better. This flashmob style staged TED Talk I just watched (even though it was done like two years ago) – or the heaps of people who are so bad at situation reading that they didn’t realize it was fake. Either way, I really needed this thing today and you might too. If the pure absurdity doesn’t get you (about the idea of dancing phantoms.. Read More

Orchard Sorcery: Farmer Artist Builds 40 Fruited Tree

Art is nice, but let’s face it: a lot of times, it’s overrated. So some super famous dude painted something that I also could have done. So what? Can I eat it or use it as a weapon it after the asteroid hits earth and basic life needs are all that matters? Probably not. I enjoy a good gallery exhibit, performance piece, or random installment as much as the next.. Read More