Key to qi? Don’t take it too seriously.

“Is this right?” “No.” “How about now?” I asked this from my awkward squat position, while donning a giant grin that just begged for my Qigong instructor’s approval. Jorge Banales laughed and shook his head, ushering over the one other student – with a couple decades more (not just in age but in somatic awareness practice overall) experience to example-set. Ya know, so I could learn the hard stuff. Like.. Read More

Would you save a life? Or wait for someone else to?

When I was still in college, my dad came back from a trip to Greece with a frightening story. He’d been taking the public transit there when the door of the metro style train door shut on his arm. Realizing he couldn’t get it loose, he started tugging and twisting away at it. Apparently the trains over there aren’t like the metro here, which he observed when it wouldn’t budge… Read More

WCW on a FRI: Crush on Amy Purdy as she crushes life’s balls.

This week’s tardy crush day (FemaleCrushFriday?) we all gather to adore: Amy Purdy. I saw an article on the purty Miss Purdy several months ago while thumbing through a hair salon magazine – and even the short mini-piece was awe inspiring enough for me to remember her name and recognize her when her Oprah interview aired this week. This.Bish.Is.Amazing. As a massage therapist and snowboarder, she was just living her.. Read More

6 hypothetical uses for this GoPro on steroids. And their pros. And cons.

So, this new gadget’s in the works. And it sounds like something straight outta that movie “Final Cut”. You know? The one where Robin Williams is this futuristic photo splicer who takes bits of people’s recorded lives (because everyone has every second of their lives recorded in the future) and turns them into a montage for their families to watch or something? I think I got the gist of that.. Read More

Keep cruisin’ (or whatever transport metaphor for life you like.)

What’s your dream life you’re not living right now? Is it like mine? Living in luxury with a view of the ocean? That life is typically merely met only in either our daydreams or on nightly delta waves. But not for one woman. She’s living that life – not on delta pillow waves or Delta plane waves but on boat ridden waves of the actual ocean – compliments of Crystal.. Read More

5 things everyone (not just chicks) can learn.

I found this fun “ways women are disconnected from themselves” article today. This “line em up and knock ‘em down” list of what we’re doing wrong and how to sort it out bothered me for two reasons. First was because these gender-wallow articles always make me feel like I’m part of some melancholic coven. Like if Daria, Janine Garafalo, and the daughter from Roseanne had all started a sorority under.. Read More

Lessons we can learn from the Marlboro Man’s death.

Wait. O.G. Marlboro man only just now died? Just…now? He was like, 85. I’d say that span of living is nice ‘n long for compromised lungs that had a daily cascade of chemical toxins assaulting them. The cowboy rancher got hired to be the face of filtered cigarettes back in the day because – let’s face it – filters are for pussies. Thus, they needed a Sam Elliot sort to.. Read More

Turning 30: Don’t settle for second best. OR second puberty.

I look for any excuse to laugh. That’s why when I saw this College Humor video on turning 30, I had a good guffaw or two – if nothing more than for the “you’re being punished for joy!” comment and the fun supplemental animation. I’m a sucker for creativity and sarcasm. Especially when it applies to my cohort group. Post by CollegeHumor. But as ever, I’ve some yes-and’s (more like.. Read More

Expect nada and get a lotta

At the peak of my Daria life-outlook (following a down-in-flames relache), I had a motto: “Expect nothing from anyone and never be disappointed.” At the time, I was trying to passively convey the morose message of “I’ve obviously been hurt but I want to look like a badass so I’ll show all of you by never trusting anyone again and pretending I’m Beatrice Kiddo, exacting revenge on random men like.. Read More

On the roooad agai- Er. Treadmill. On the treadmill.

After four (light) years, I’ve finally started running again. Okay, okay. It’s more like rabbit-on-crack galloping. When I asked my P.T if I could run again with a herniated disc, he said, “Sure!”, told me “Chi” running would be best for my back, then said he’d show me how the next week if I waited. But a wise man once said, “The time is NOW.” And since I’m really good.. Read More