Self-conscious? Or self-aware?

What’s the difference between being self-conscious and self-aware? This one’s been a struggle for me. Even though I “know” deep down where the disparity lies, it’s one’a those things that you never truly “get” until you apply it practically – over and over again – in an actual array of ego splitting scenarios you view as opportunities to become more of that latter thing (self-aware) while you grow out of.. Read More

Are you an A.M. or P.M. person? What if you could be both?

When creative writing is your job, you’re always looking for creative solutions for everything. How to maximize productivity, how to cultivate creativity, where to seek motivation, and even life applications – like how to outsmart your internal pity parties. It took me a bit to realize that the two (work related and personal) can help one another out. That’s likely because I did a lot of reading. And when I.. Read More

Put(t) your action pen to your reality paper

“Oh, we can’t do that today…” My dad and I had just shared a bit of convo over coffee the other day before heading out for a game of putt putt golf. The topic? “Creativity and inspiration”. I’m not sure how we got on the topic (probably me talking about how badly I was procrastinating on doing my writing for the day), but he started relating a story to me.. Read More

You’re either setting a good or bad habit. Right this second.

Don’t ask me why, but this quote on the mind kinda blew mine the other day: “Whatever you’re doing, right now, you’re physically altering the structure of your brain to become better at it.” It seems simple. And I shouldn’t have been that wowed by it. But, as a habit-hacking seeker who constantly gets trapped by my own tedious tendencies, it grabbed me on more than one level. Whatever you.. Read More

I need to watch this TED talk at least twelve more times.

Another fantastic TED talk here… on innovation Actually, I clicked on this talk hoping it’d play out like a Buzzfeed list of 365 ways to unlock my creative ballpoint bearing braininess that didn’t wanna come out and write today. Just to show what a “dur” state I was in (my coffee was still brewing; get off me) before I pressed play, I didn’t even make the obvious connection literally anyone.. Read More

How harnessing my chi helped my girl-gooch reach the ground

You know what I hate about motivational advice? Well, my brain, to be specif. It’s a tragedy, really – how my brain will take some good, clear, totally applicable advice and be mind-masturbated into total numbness by it (just ‘cause it’s a “cliché) instead of letting the message sink in, resonate, and do its magic on me. To be fair, not all motivational advice is effective – or at the.. Read More

Does god want me to be fat?

A friend posted a quote recently that I’m going to try now to remember: “Motivation doesn’t last – but neither does taking a shower. So you should try to do both every day.” Yeah, I think that’s it. And it’s true. It’s like another quote you hear in the rooms of drug or alcohol or overeating recovery: “Just for today”. You take things a day at a time until they.. Read More

8 things that suck less if don’t quit before 10 minutes.

Ever notice how starting an avoided task – is the harder than doing the task itself? I realized something about that today. Something more concrete – and quantifiable. It dawned on me that whenever I’m prepping to do almost anything I don’t wanna do (from creating to cleaning), there’s a reason for that avoidance. It’s not just laziness. It’s the pain of exercising the muscle of change – almost like.. Read More