School dress codes: fight for your right to bawdy body duds.

“Ashley, you’re going to need to put on a sweater. That’s too distracting.” Had the high school teacher who said this to me not been so nice, my ready made reply would’ve been, “For whom? Students? Or (*pause to issue elevator eyes*) teachers?” And this exchange (both the IRL compliance and this hypothetical conversation happening in my head) was exactly what I thought of as I read over VICE’s latest.. Read More

Would you be more willing to strip for science? Or art?

“You’ll all be seeing each other in your swimsuits. You just have to get used to it.” I heard this a few months ago from a lead instructor in the physical therapy assistant program I’m trying to get into. And, I’ll be honest, it was slightly jarring. I mean, there’s this constant clash in my mind of “it’s just a body – who cares? You’re a free spirit! We’re all.. Read More

Would you forgive your rapist? How about after a shitty apology?

Ever had someone come atchya with an apology? Like, for something super big they did wrong to you? And it was like… half assed? That’s what happened to Hana Mitchels of VICE when her rapist – now in an AA program and seeking amends from her – gave her a call to apologize. But, the thing is, he didn’t yes-and himself with all the stuff a rape victim’d like (and.. Read More

Wait… did we just find the cure for cancer?

After mowing through all the previous seasons of VICE, I was looking forward to the next one, eagerly. (Well, I guess not too eagerly ’cause I apparently missed the third round’s premiere last week.) So as I sat down the other evening to enjoy a nice cup of soup after a hard day of doing the Sisyphus version of shoveling snow while more just poured down on me, I belatedly.. Read More

Does online dating make you superficial?

So, it looks like I’m on a VICE binge this week. Today’s? One on how superficial online dating makes you. Now, I can’t say what that’s like. I’ve met one guy online that ended ultimately in a hookup once in my life – in the land before MySpace (we had this thing called CampusHook back when I was starting out in colleg-…Jesus I sound old. Abort. ABORT! Close parentheses in.. Read More

Handies for the handicapped.

So… one courageous volunteer group is giving new meaning to the term “handicapped”. Like, as in, their hands on your mushroom cap… if you’re disabled and mayhaps can’t DIY. The rundown is that it’s a bunch of people who volunteer to do “second base” kinda stuff for those whose physical setbacks preclude them from having normal reaches or even takin curr’a bidniz themselves (like if you’ve got a muscle waste-y.. Read More

Is it bad to bang an ex teacher if you’re 18?

VICE’s “I banged my high school teacher and it sucked” article was interesting… It shone this coruscating spotlight on that whole “fantasy vs reality” concept. Ya know, like the time we learned that Emma Watson is really a drag queen underneath: That’s a problem a lot of people have – distinguishing between fantasy and reality. We do it with public figures and movie characters and airbrushed images all the time.. Read More

And now for a bog brothel. Run by Gary Busey’s nephew.

Sure, Michael Busey’s “Sausage Castle” looks like True Detective’s pedo-swamp home. But inside, it’s more like “The Bunny Ranch” meets Warhol’s 60’s era “Factory”. I just let my eyes meander across a Vice article on this Floridian bog brothel, told through photography. And the images are fantastic. While a lot of the commenters didn’t seem to appreciate it much (the people are dirty and indulgent – and like the saying.. Read More

City scrappers – vandals or vultures? (Vice video)

You’re a black male living in Detroit and you’ve lost your job. Try as you might, you haven’t been able to gain employment again. There’s just no market for your skillset. And now money’s wearing thin. As you wander through this town, trying to come up with a plan, you realize just how much it would resemble an abandoned city followed the world’s end – if not for fellow, desperate.. Read More

That moment when smut’s milder than making out

So, Vice did this thing where they got a bunch of strangers off the streets of England to kiss each other for like 30 seconds: They aren’t British actors or supermodels, ya know? Just regular old plebeian Jane Does and Joe Schmoes abducted from their nice meals of shepherd’s pie to knock Buscemi teeth together in front of a white screen. That was stereotypically racist and I retract it 100%… Read More