Princess Inimical

“I always thought Barbie was a slut” – my mom. “I didn’t! I totally loved Barbie!” -me The truth is, I’m lying. I knew something was up with Barbie’s overt sexuality – that no women I’d seen or met looked like her – but I didn’t know what a slut was. I wrote a thing a year or two ago about how Ariel and Pretty Woman were released dangerously close.. Read More

Cross cultural vanity

“Don’t take yourself too seriously – no one else is.” I heard this advice not long ago. And it’s true. Anyone I respect or admire is able to step back for a moment and relinquish any attachment to appearing above flaw, defect, or differences that might set us apart somehow. We all know in our hearts that error is natural. Sometimes we trip and fall. Sometimes we ruin Christmas. It’s.. Read More

HabitHacks at work: Chill skills

There are some days when constructing a simple string of words seems inconceivable. Actually – not “days” per se. More like time of day. This mental monsoon of confusion generally doesn’t hit until after halfway through the daily doling out of randomness for you to ingest. I start out in love with an idea or two for hours. It’s not until that moment when I pause to stretch (and suddenly.. Read More