Cancer gets owned by Mayo’s measle weapon

So… a woman’s cancer was suppressed by measles? Is this a potential cancer cure? Or the start of an “I Am Legend”, IRL zombie apocalypse? For the former: No – because it’s not a “blanket” cure (just one kind of cancer’s responded to it). Also, you must repeat studies a lot to even imply – not prove – causation (this just looked at a couple patients). Oh, right. And necrotic.. Read More

Bad HyJeans: Strange fashion hacks

How often do you wash your blue jeans? Fashion says… this is a trick question. And that you should never wash your jeans. Well, not never. But almost. Instead, major designers dabbling in denim fashion dictate a “once every few months” (if that) actual machine wash to keep crisp or whatever jeans are meant to do. And in between that? The advice is essentially an abbreviated gag reel of unconventional.. Read More

Fly the fecal skies!

“…and remember YOU’LL BE FLYING IN A SHIT MISSILE!” My dad always closes his unwelcome pre-flight “itinerary emails” with some version of this phrase. And while it’s true, it’s just one of those things where you’ve heard it so many times from the same person that it simply loses its meaning. Thus, you finally disregard the advice altogether because the person firing it at you in all caps is annoying.. Read More

Your brain on rap

This…is your brain: Eh… That’s not where I was going with this. Buu-uuut… it does help dispel some myths about your “brain on rap” – which does contrarily earn that grad cap. When I was a gangly pre-teen, I remember the parents sitting around at my sister’s basketball games, complaining about their daughters bumpin that “brain rot” in their rooms. And – to be fair – whether the listener gets.. Read More