Two icons talking (Dave Chappelle & Maya Angelou chat)

I just came across a clip from “Iconoclasts”. I haven’t seen the whole exchange yet. But in the excerpt I watched, she spoke with Dave Chappelle about commonalities they shared as icons – not the least of which was the creative process and the involvement of others in it. Maya related to Dave how she would get a hotel room in whatever town she visited, and abscond to the privacy.. Read More

Optogenetics: Can we Eternally Sunshine bad habits?

Quick! Without thinking: Which bad habit you wish you could break right now? Whether you’re a smoker or a serial relationshipper, you probably couldn’t answer that straight away. Not “without thinking”. Ironically, our habits seem to happen exactly that way – without us giving ’em much thought – like we’re on autopilot. Maybe we reach for a bowl of candy, a cigarette, or a wine glass when we’re stressed. Not.. Read More

Nommin’ on bee vomit

When I tried (and failed) to become full on vegan, honey was one of the last things I realized was on the list of their commandments. Upon my excommunication, I came to learn it was ‘cause they do work to make it (the bees – not the vegans). So, as a card carrier of the dietary elite, you’re not allowed to eat honey: not with tea, not in your bread,.. Read More