Prophetic fashion, turn to the right

…as in right on. I saw this thing circulating about the Nostradamus of fashion in 1939. People sharing this quaint little black and white past-blast are doing what we all tend to do when uncovering time capsuled prognostications – laughing with the condescension of an elder or a parent who “knows better”. But, you know – predictions from the late 30’s weren’t terribly off. Were they? Difference here is that.. Read More

Facebook Schizofriendia

How many of your facebook friends do you actually hang out with? And how does that make you feeeel? Surprise surprise. Science says people who overuse Facebook and overshare tend to be depressed. I’m an excellent example of somebody who used Facebook for many moons as a tool to talk to people without actually having to be around them (AKA complaining without having to hear other people complain back. Or.. Read More

Denial is a treehouse in VA

Days like today, I have this thought: “My life would be so much better – if I just had a treehouse… Just there beyond my balcony.” (“Hi. I’m Ashley’s balcony.”) My mythical branch mansion would have a short bridge – built of wooden slates – which I would traverse during summer evenings like this one with my tea in tow. And there I’d spend every warm night in sultry slumber,.. Read More