Mindlessly buying?

I used to love retail therapy. There was something really comforting about clutching a café mocha while traipsing through the local mall and pretending I was more rich or important than I was because I had a few bags that could hold the load of clothes instead of my unchecked emotions for a short while. *Sigh* Sometimes I miss that blissful ignorance so much that I’ll head to Victoria’s Secret.. Read More

One fish, two fish, grey fish, lazy fish.

I found out this week that Kurt Cobain lied to me. On a post I recently saw, apparently science has shown that delicious fish can indeed feel pain. Dude, I wonder if he realized this and that’s why he went to go live in the woods for a week before throwing the deuce up at the world in his greenhouse? Mayhaps – but I imagine the heroin and his own.. Read More

Education and e-poor-genetics

Remember how crazy high-school schedules used to be? Waking up early and zombie-trotting off to class? Retaining zero boring info the first hour? Wondering if we were dead or in a lucid dream? Yeah, well scientists are starting to question whether early start times are good. But, a study recently done with the aim of looking at that shone some light on more than just those dark hours of morning… Read More