Cooper-ape-ing for a common goal

Is acting catty and cliquey a vestigial monkey-mind thing? We’ve (“We” as a unified people who share data. Not me, personally) looked at chimps before to see how well they cooperate when working toward a common goal. Sometimes they were kinda douchey about it (can you blame them, when they’re stuck in captivity?) but now an Emory study took it a step further. By replicating a setup that was a.. Read More

Copulating in the cosmos

Ever wonder what it’d be like to get down… up there? While I’ve always wanted to venture off our spherical home and float around in the safety of an oxygenated, temperature controlled vessel for a while – I’ve always thought how surprisingly unsexy sex in space sounds. Sure, loving while levitating might be alright, but thoughts of jizz whizzing by and turning tummies make it sound slightly unappealing. And would.. Read More

In defense of offensive language

Ah, profanity. It can be such a relief to let loose those aggressive little words. And according to science, it just might not be such a bad thing all the time. Not terribly unlike Jay and Bob, I too grew up in a house where we would all occasionally morph into Linda Blair and vomit out a cocktail of lewd invectives from a spinning head when we felt powerless or.. Read More

Great minds and their weird creative rituals

What puts you in a mood to make up creative magic? Music? Vodka? Nap? (“And how’s that werkin’ out fer ya?”) Creativity ain’t easy. It’s that brilliantly infuriating gift where we can’t always harness it to do our monetary bidding – yet it’ll wake you up at 3 A.M. in a sweat and beg you to scrawl down the fountaining thought-froth brimming from your brain like something you put in.. Read More