Lauren Morelli’s sapphic epiphany and why marriage is dumb.

So, Orange Is The New Black creator, Lauren Morelli, dumped her hubby. After a sudden Sapphic epiphany. And now she’s dating an actress on the show. (To be fair, even straight girls wanna date Poussey. It’s like when Katherine Moennig played “Shane” on Showtime. It’s not the sex – it’ s the X-factor.) Ya know, this is the stupid thing about labels. When I was queef deep in marathon sessions.. Read More

Science kills people to study out of body experiences? Awesome.

Ever had an out of body experience? No, not one’a those. I mean a legit, can’t-blame-the-drugs-for-this-one style “is this real life?” moment. My first one came about a week or two ago while waking up. And my best non-dramatic description for a holy-fckk experience like that which you can’t well put into words is this: It was brief, it was weird, and I wasn’t a fan of it. The only.. Read More

Get your genius head out of your A.S.S.

Wanna head full of genius? Why not get it out of your A.S.S., then? That’s “Acquired Savant Syndrome”. And actually, no, I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to obtain it because the requirements involve one freak accident head injury and one one-in-one-outlandish-figure chance of ending up with a crazy cash-inducing new skill like a few reported folks have in the past. For instance – remember that one dude.. Read More