Plane passenger shaming shows you the faces of (recycled) oxygen thieves

“You don’t know what that’s touched! So you shouldn’t touch it!” This on-airplane advice I get from my dad all the time can now officially be met with: “You’re wrong. And you’re 100% right. Respectively.” Because now, thanks to a beautiful new trend called “passenger shaming”, I know exactly what my tray tables, seats, and headrests have touched. And it makes me wish I could fly while I fly –.. Read More

They see me scowlin’…they mandatin’

Ever been told “you should smile” – by anyone? Once upon a time, it was indirectly said to me – by a boss I had. He sent me an article about how it “takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile”. Not one to miss a chance to spar in my favorite game of passive aggression, I replied, “Great article! I was hoping they’d add this other related.. Read More