Why I won’t be too mad when Google X kidnaps me for my genius brain.

Catching up over dinner with my brother recently, I heard about his Mountain View trip. You’d think the most impressive bit of his various meetings and networking soirees would have been him meeting CEOs and miscellaneous big names for such social networking giants as Twitter and Facebook. Yeah. Not for me. What I fell in love with was – believe it or not – Google. Yep. Anti-corporate me still loves.. Read More

Sugar and spice and everything psych (how Starbucks’ seasonal bevs mindfckk you)

Ah, so there’s a deeper psychology to all this seasonal beverage stuff? Ya know, a breezy fall day like this almost makes me want to get a pumpkin spiced latte. Almost. Out of pure spite, is it, that this overpriced drink doesn’t automatically become my vegan vice (do they make it with soy?) right here and now. Yes, because I’m still butthurt over their introduction of it so prematurely in.. Read More

“Joy” product is offensive, but no one seems to nail why.

Ever get offended by a product? Because it pokes fun at a condition you personally have? Like this “Joy” card? First of all, is MSpaint the new minimalism? Secondly, call me crazy (both because I am a bit and the pun works magnificently here), but I’m not seeing anything about bipolar disorder on the actual product. Should people with chronic anger issues and depression sans the mania get upset about.. Read More