Science says: we exhale our fat. Wait… what?

When Russell Simmons went to his first yoga class, it wasn’t to get some inner peace. It was to get some outer piece. While that changed drastically for him since that first visit, I think that’s what attracts a lot of people – men and women alike. Men wanna ogle dat ass. Chicks wanna own it. But – as many times as I’ve heard these transformation stories and people have.. Read More

Kim Jong Un’s the Grinch who stole Christmas – starting Franco’s film.

So, Kim Jong Un has officially ruined my Christmas. “The Interview”, which was about to be released on Christmas Day has been scrapped (along with some other Steve Carrell film that no one cares about as much). And my heart is broken. There aren’t many movies I look forward to seeing, but this was one of ‘em. All because of a little boy in an emperor’s clothing who can’t take.. Read More

To free – or knot to free?

Screw black holes and the holographic universe theory. No one cares. What I really require is a detailed, scientific explanation for: Why I have to spend my days trying to free up knots and kinks. (Knot what I meant…) Finally, the beautiful minds of the world unraveled mine by explaining why knot-unraveling is so not easy. You know what I mean – there are the Christmas lights (an obvious one)… Read More