“Let’s do lunch.”

“Let’s do lunch….” Lunch. Dinner. Brunch. I’ve got a love-hate relationship with the lot of them since I quit drinking and did a diet makeover. Let’s start with the good, though. When I used to enjoy going out to eat, it was because I knew I could order a tall glass of conscious-changer and let the poison do the communicating for me as it coursed through my veins. Under my.. Read More

Racist lawmaker wants to put yoga pants in corpse pose. Forever.

So, a Montana legislator wants to ban “indecent clothing”. In this sarcastically quoted genre is included yoga pants, speedos and anything that shows outlines of your body bits. Specifically, Rep. David Moore proposed a bill to make illegal any “indecent exposure of a person’s private parts or simulated private parts [lolwut?] in a public place in such a way that a reasonable person would be offended or alarmed.” The penalty?.. Read More

What really happened in “The Guest”…

Ever watch a good film… but it leaves you feeling like you, I dunno, missed something? That’s how I felt after I finished watching “The Guest” a week or two ago. It was a brilliant thriller – especially for one of those movies that didn’t seem to be highly promoted. The the lead actor, Dan Stevens, plays his role of psychopathic secret-soldier-government-experiment-gone-wrong almost too well and the overall ambient mood.. Read More

Who am I to judge Pope Francis for judging me?

You know, it’s easy for me to get upset when I hear an opinion that doesn’t mesh with my own. And I think that feeling’s always a little bit amplified when a clashing opinion comes from someone for whom I’ve grown an affinity. Like the pope. Ya know – the cool pope. Pope Francis – the one who sweetly interrupts a large, public, recorded event to acknowledge a kid who’s.. Read More

6 things single Valentine-less you can do today

I celebrated Valentine’s Day once. It was with a boyfriend. But, really, we were just rainchecking on a “date” from another weekend. And we didn’t exchange gifts. It was kindofa fluke. Because 2-14-AnyYear is just of those holidays that’s like a magnified version of Facebook’s “someone got hitched/is in a relache/here’s their wedding album/here’s a mini babbling extension of their ego in flesh form” notifications. Except it’s all condensed down.. Read More