Zami chair: new technology for your but

Roll over, physioball. There’s a new piece of fitness-freak office furniture on the cubicle block. Called the “Zami Smart”, this silhouette-of-a-tombstone looking thing is supposed to improve upon your run of the mill butt rest by… reprimanding you. That’s right. Say sionara to your enabler seat who’s been condoning this egregious posture of yours reminiscent of a masturbatory monkey. The same posture that makes you turn around and spend half.. Read More

P.C. postural pain – and the wizard ways to eradicate it

A little less than a year ago, I was standing in Dick’s Sporting Goods trying to decide if $40 was “worth it”. Worth not suffering the kinda posture that turns me into a shuffling 30-year-old geriatric, that is. And that’s what the standard foam roller would cost me to DIY style work out the kinks I’d caused myself with rotten posture. “Why bother?” I wondered, reasoning that “well if I.. Read More

Deskperiments: treadmill setup

Yikes. Just seeing these desk-jockeys take to a conveyor belt that perpetually propels them away from their PC’s made me a bit nauseated. Most of them didn’t seem to enjoy it much either. The problem with this setup is the same reason they tell you not to hold onto the sides on a regular treadmill. When we bipedal creatures trot naturally, we counter-rotate (arm swing opposing hip swing). To repeatedly.. Read More