Not sure if NDT actually was the one who started this meme I now see everywhere or not:

But I do know that it’s true. ’cause it’s what I do too. And I also know that the internet sometimes comes up with a few good suggestions inadvertently as well – especially with dream-come-true tales like that CEO who cut his own income to match that of his employees at the “low cost credit card processing and merchant services” company he started up, Gravity Payments. That may not sound like a big deal. So let’s look at figures. Specifically, Dan Price’s annual work price of $1 million at Gravity experienced a heavy force of intentional gravity itself – in fact, he dropped it all the way down to $70,000 per year, issuing the same blanket minimum wage income to all his employees.

If you’re like me, you might’ve gotten stuck on that one-mill figure, and you might still be drooling and mentally fabricating your fantasy list of itoys and life-sized motorized toys as well. “Why would he do that?” you might wonder. Well, despite being an awesome entrepreneur who began the company when he was still in his teens, he’s also got a big heart (and looks a little like hay-zeus):

…because he indicated that part of his decision was because of conversations he’s been having about how extremely difficult it is to make ends meet on a micro salary. Tandem to that, he also recently read a report on “happiness” – specifically spotlighting the kind of contentment change any extra pocket change in the form of a raise can make. Especially those who rake in less than $75,000 per year. His staff, and their average annual salary of $48,000, definitely fit this description – and were definitely caught by surprise when Dan issued the announcement to them that, “You might be making $35,000 a year right now but everyone in here will definitely be making $70,000 a year and I’m super excited about that.”

*insert audience full’a sporadically exploding heads gif*

It’d be nice to see kind acts like these go viral in our “hurdle the weak, trample the dead” culture that’s slowly morphing into “fcckit; trample everybody – live or dead – if you can”. Until, eventually, that question in the meme up top yields some sorta new reply from kids akin to something other than the fame and fortune chasing dreams I always get when I ask ‘em:

So, little Danny, what do you wanna be when you grow up?
“A CEO who’s not an asshole. Also, it’s spelled ‘want to’…”

As for me, I’m about to bid y’allz adieu for the day and click on the “careers” tab of Gravity’s page…