Film review: Disconnect

I haven’t done a film review in a while. Mostly because I haven’t found that many new flicks worth giving a chance. That said, I just watched “Disconnect” – a film from a few years ago. And I’mma have to give it a B+. (It went up from a C rating because of Skarsgard and earned a plus because this’s in it): It reminded me of a Coppola film –.. Read More

More awesomery from Rowling

I spotlighted J.K. Rowling’s awesomeness recently. That was because her capacity to wage metaphorical war on racism via fantasy is pretty much epic and deserved mention. While my first instinct was to say that today’s yes-and tale tacks on to that fact – but that the recent story in question is of a different caliber – that’d be in poor taste. ’cause it involves a gun shooting victim. So, we.. Read More

Root for the villain: Dexterrrrr

… tonight we root for Dexter. Or, ya know. We can just start now while it’s still sunny. Mmmyes. The creators of Dexter got this so very right – and they did an epic job of laying the emotional groundwork from the outset. Season one, episode one shoots an empathy arrow straight into the cardiac cavity of the audience watching with bated breath. It would be quite an undertaking to.. Read More

Hitchhikers guide to terraforming mars.

I just watched Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for the first time this week. And my thoughts were 1. Mos Def is most awesome 2. I really thought when the dude asked him what to “leave out of new earth” at the end, he was going to say “seaworld” (‘cause of how it began with the dolphins leaving the earth from cruel orca captivity when it was about to blow.. Read More

More stores tricking me into being a money slut

I knew these retail demons had more up their sleeves than meets the eye. And they have more than meets the nose too. And ears. And math-brain-center. I’ve written about money trickery before, but I didn’t realize the hacking of our pocketbooks also hacks our olfactory bulbs. Indeed their light-bulb ideas span to sense hijacking beyond the predictable product placement and fake sales. Wait, did somebody say “bake sale”? No,.. Read More

Root for the villain: Alex DeLarge

Welcome to a new series, where I encourage you to root for the bad guys of film. Feel confused about that animal attraction you have to the sociopathic rapist? Shh… shhh. Don’t try to fight it. I can help you understand why cinema psychos are your bread and butter. And speaking of dairy food, we’ll start with the milk-drinking droog of Kubrik’s A Clockwork Orange. It’s hard to hate Alex.. Read More