5 things we can learn from these animals

Much like all of non-human nature, I learn a lot from my dog. I learn the value of rest, the simple bliss experienced at the touch of another creature, how to properly greet someone I haven’t seen all day (or for ten minutes), and how to really revel in the delight of dinnertime – spilling the contents of my bowl everywhere. A happy, joyous, slob. And, thanks to the joint.. Read More

Not synonymous: accepting vs. agreeing with compliments

Really? This “social experiment” went viral and made news? So, the idea was this: A hot British teen (Aha! Got your attention now!) decided she’d give compliment-acceptance online a try. But first – let’s back up. For a little context (in case you’ve never gotten a compliment, given one, or been an insecure female). There seems to be an epidemic of not-being-able-to-take-a-compliment-itis from which many a woman seems to suffer… Read More

And now for a bog brothel. Run by Gary Busey’s nephew.

Sure, Michael Busey’s “Sausage Castle” looks like True Detective’s pedo-swamp home. But inside, it’s more like “The Bunny Ranch” meets Warhol’s 60’s era “Factory”. I just let my eyes meander across a Vice article on this Floridian bog brothel, told through photography. And the images are fantastic. While a lot of the commenters didn’t seem to appreciate it much (the people are dirty and indulgent – and like the saying.. Read More

Obstacles ahead… and behind.

On the sneaker heels of my “addiction” rant, is this one, today: About how I’m being denied my trail-jog addiction. And how this one betch is killing my vibe even when I’m not. You see, I try to make my jogs a peaceful thing. Calm. Tranquil. The opposite of how I used to be at the gym (“The answer’s yes – if you’re on the machine next to me, we’re.. Read More

Are blaming and taking responsibility mutually exclusive?

I write about addiction a lot – articles I’ve seen and whatnot. But what I don’t usually spotlight are the comments I peruse after the article. For example, this one struck me today and I wasn’t sure why at first: “I’m a social worker who works to rehabilitate chronically homeless addicts in the USA. This article raises a lot of valid points that the non-addicted population needs to be aware.. Read More